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We are glad to have you on board. To help you get started, we’ve prepared this series of guides for you. In this first guide, we’ll discuss an overview of what Clarifiedbetter is and what you can do with it.

What is Clarifiedbetter?

Clarifiedbetter.com is a platform to help you learn and improve your knowledge and skills. The courses you find here are a combination of textbook knowledge and practical experience of our course makers.

The lessons are available in english, but you have the option of translating the same into your preferred language using the translate tab in each lesson.

The site and courses are accessible through the website and on mobile helping you to keep learning where ever you are.

What can you do with Clarifedbetter.com ?

You can learn about topics from the hotel industry. Other than that, you can also read articles, and seek vendors and also learn about how to Open a hotel if you want.

In short, it is a complete website for the modern hotelier